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To hold the neck and head in a certain way. To give impetus to; propel: The wind carried the ball over the fence. To include or keep on a list: carried a dozen workers on the payroll. To handle successfully: carried off the difficult situation with aplomb. To put into practice or effect: carry out a new policy.

To move or excite greatly: was carried away by desire. To assume the leading role; do most of the work. The distance traveled by a hurled or struck ball. To persist to another time or situation: The confidence gained in remedial classes carried over into the children's regular school work. To gain the sympathy of; win over: The amateurs' enthusiasm carried the audience. To bring to a conclusion; accomplish: carried out the mission successfully.

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. An act of running with the ball on an offensive play from scrimmage: a carry of six yards. To take or seize, especially by force; capture. To keep in stock; offer for sale: a store that carries a full line of electronic equipment. To place before the public; print or broadcast: The morning papers carried the story. To have as an attribute or accompaniment: an appliance carrying a full-year guarantee. Transport emphasizes movement of goods or people from one place to another: Refrigerated trucks were used to transport the milk from farm to market. To continue without halting; persevere: carry on in the face of disaster. To move or take from one place to another; transport: a train carrying freight; a courier carrying messages. The train carries baggage, mail, and passengers. To be accepted or approved: The proposal carried by a wide margin. To serve as a means for the conveyance of; transmit: pipes that carry waste water; a bridge that carries traffic between the two cities. To communicate; pass on: The news was carried by word of mouth to every settlement. To be successful in; win: lost the game but carried the match. To transfer from one place, as a column, page, or book, to another: carry a number in addition. To behave in an excited, improper, or silly manner. To act as a bearer: teach a dog to fetch and carry. To conduct; maintain: carry on a thriving business. To involve as a condition, consequence, or effect: The crime carried a five-year sentence. Chiefly Southern US To escort or accompany. To be transmitted or conveyed: a voice that carries well. Bear can denote the movement of heavy loads: The river barges bore grain and coal downriver. It can also suggest formality or ceremony: The sergeant at arms entered the chamber bearing the mace. Buses stood by to transport the evacuees to area shelters. To survive; persist: prejudices that have carried through over the centuries. A portage, as between two navigable bodies of water. To be victorious or successful.[Middle English , from Old North French , from , ; see.], transport These verbs mean to move while holding or supporting something. The press conference was carried by all networks. To extend or continue in space, time, or degree: carried the line to the edge of the page; carry a joke too far. To accomplish; complete: carry a project through despite difficulties.

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. Convey often implies continuous movement or flow: A moving belt conveyed the parts along the assembly line. is the most general: The hikers were carrying backpacks and sleeping bags. To admit of being transported: Unbalanced loads do not carry easily. To enable to endure; sustain: a faith that carried them through the ordeal. To gain victory, support, or acceptance for: The motion was carried in a close vote. To follow or obey: carry out instructions. Мужской спортивный костюм на меху. To keep or have on one's person: stopped carrying credit cards. To express or contain: harsh words that carried a threat of violence. To support the weight or responsibility of: a beam that carries the floor; a student who carries a heavy course load. To cause the death of: was carried off by a fever


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